WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015, 11am – 12 noon
WHERE:  Bamboo Room, 3rd Floor, Philanthropy Center, 221 NW 2nd Ave.  Portland, OR  97209
COST:  Free and open to the public, but registration is required as seating is limited
REGISTER:  [click here]

Taoist Meditation and Qigong offers lessons in how to maintain a complementary relationship between being a healthy human being, while being engaged in the stresses, diseases and disorders that influence how we feel.

Who is a healthy human being? Most likely, one with good posture. Good posture is the foundation of both moving (taiqi/qigong) and Taoist still meditation practices. When the body is aligned naturally with eyes behind the heart, internal organs can settle into their correct places and relax.

During one hour, Martha Bergman and Carroll Chisholm will demonstrate a simple qigong form, “How to Stack the Body,” to strengthen muscles and support still meditation and invite others to join us. Practicing both moving and still forms together takes about five minutes. Practice for 100 days in a row and your meridians will open.

Martha and Carroll have studied Taoist meditation and movement with Grandmaster Dr. T. K. Shih of the Chinese Healing Arts Center since 1984. Both have received permission to teach Master Shih’s lessons. Carroll is a polarity therapist and owner of the Upper Lake Wellness Center in Ulster Heights, NY. Martha is retired founder of Gamblin Artists Colors Co. and technical advisor on the materials used to make art.