The summer weather isn’t the only thing heating up here in Oregon,  so is
the trade relationship between Oregon and China.Realizing how important China is as a trade partner, the Oregon House of Representatives passed a resolution
last month  in support of increasing the trade relationship with China.
According to the resolution, China is already Oregon’s number one trade
partner with $5.8 billion in exports in 2016. With China’s continued growth
you can expect that to increase.

China Consumers

On the heels of this resolution, a Chinese trade mission visited Oregon
exploring the state’s high quality snack and beverage products to satisfy
the growing demand of China’s middle class.Another factor set to boost the trade relationship between Oregon and China
is the re-opening of the Chinese market to U.S. beef producers, as Oregon
Public Broadcasting reports
Prior to the 2003 ban, China was the biggest export market for U.S. beef
and with an even larger middle class now, you can be sure that demand will
grow stronger.  Beef ranchers in the Pacific Northwest in particular,
benefit from geography due to the proximity to ports along the Pacific
Ocean, making it potentially more cost effective for Chinese consumers.

Interesting in learning more about the Chinese market? The Northwest China
Council’s China Business Network provides great networking opportunities,
lectures and other events to help those looking to learn more about doing
business with China. It also provides opportunities for Pacific Northwest
companies who are already involved in trade with China a venue for
information exchange. For more information, visit the Northwest China
Council website at

Submitted by Joe Liston July 2017