It is no surprise that China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are all top trading
partners with Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. If you are seeking1720-business-man-offering-hand-shake-pv
successful business partnerships in these countries, it is essential to
learn some of the cultural differences in how business is done. With that, here are:

Five Tips to Doing Business with Chinese businesses

5. Expect that your counterparts will have studied up on your business and your background. Be prepared to answer any questions and be forthright about your company, products, service. In the process, you will be communicating your value to them.

4. Avoid aggressive, strong handshakes. Know that a soft handshake from
your counterpart doesn’t mean weakness, it simply reflects a cultural
difference. Read the mood and tenor of the meeting; if it goes well, a
longer, lingering handshake would reflect a positive meeting.

3. Always accept and present business cards and gifts with both hands.
This is a small thing that indicates that you take each interaction and
therefore, the relationship seriously.

2. When at a business lunch or dinner, the host will pay. If you are
hosting, pay discreetly; don’t flash your money.

1. Seniority and ranking are respected in Chinese culture. It is
considered respectful to address people by their titles. Introduce yourself
to your senior-most counterpart first.

Above all, be patient. A pushy or aggressive attitude is considered

The Northwest China Council’s China Business Network holds events where
people can learn more about doing business with Asia as well as network
with people who have insight and experience you need. The next CBN Happy
Hour event is at the Vinn Distillery on Thursday, March 2. For more
information and to sign up,  visit

By Joseph Liston